MAX multi axis system


The MAX system is ideal for applications where high precision and dynamics in machining and measuring field are requested, such as optical tests and laser micromachining. It can be easily assemblied on frameworks supplied by the customer according to his specific production final needs.The adoption of ironless motors, featured by no cog effect, guarantees the maximum smooth motion and the best accuracy.


The MAX motorised linear motion system is featured by a cross centred chassis with direct drive linear motors. The MAX series uses aerostatic linear systems with adjustable flat air bearings and guideways overlaid by antiseizure material so as to solve temporary and unexpected overloading problems without running the risk of guideways blocked. The system is supplied with linear motors and optical linear encoders. Drives and controllers are optional.
- working area: X400 x Y400 mm
- motors' force: X ironless 400Npk, Y ironless 200Npk

DATA SHEET - MAX multi axis system
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