XY System with Air Bearings & Direct Drive – LDCH series

The LDCH (Linear Direct-drive Cross-centered Hybrid) motorised guide system is an XY cartesian linear guide system with direct linear motorisation. The system is reliable and precise.

  • It is based on cross-centred chassis.
  • It is featured by an aerostatic guide on the Y axis and a hybrid guide (the support guide is aerostatic, while the lateral guide is rolling) on the X axis, allowing greater stiffness and compactness in X direction.
  • It can be used to move the tool heads and/or measure heads up to 3kg weight and up to 2g acceleration.
  • Positioning transduction takes place using optical linear encoders.
  • The working area, variable on X, is X300-1000mm x Y600mm.

Two or more Y axes can be simultaneously assembled on a single X axis.
The system is available in two sizes, with configurable strokes.


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