Motorised Linear Aerostatic Systems – LMP series

The aerostatic motorised linear guide systems of LMP series solve numerous precision positioning problems.

According to the customer final application, they can be set up in various ways:
  • on air bearings with hard fastening, with or without adjustable pivot or built-into the sliding structure
  • with opposing slides, with magnetic pre-loading or vacuum
  • with belt motorisation and recirculation ball screw, in direct drive (linear motors)
  • with magnetic or optical linear encoders
  • with light protection casing or pressurised seal
  • with steel, anodized aluminium, granite guides
  • with guides coated with anti-friction material (turcite or PTFE+graphite)


LMPslitta sist

The standard LMP-S series is manufactured as follows:

- Built-in aerostatic slides
- Direct drive
- High resolution linear optical encoders

It represents the best combination of dynamics, precision, reliability and versatility: fast and very accurate positioning are guaranteed, as well as stable performances over time.

The slides are available in 3 different sizes and can implement up to 3 different types of linear motors.

The nominal strokes available vary from a minimum of 156mm to a maximum of 968mm. Superior strokes are available on request.

The LMP series air bearings can be used as stand alone linear systems or in various X/Y or X/Y/Z combinations/architecture.

Aeroostatic rotary tables from our motorised TG series can be supplied and assemblied on the sliding block.

lmp movimicrola web


Size S 10 S 20 S 30
supply pressure [bar] 5 5 5
peak force [N] 240 240-480 240-480-800
continous force [N] 53 53-103 53-103-166
stroke [mm] MIN 156 - MAX 924 MIN 200 - MAX 968 MIN 200 - MAX 968

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