Pneumostatic Pulleys – PLG series

They are used to drive belts and ropes with very low friction torques. Ideal for counterweight systems in metrological devices.

A typical application is in durametric sampling machines, for which MAGER Air Bearings can also supply a specific vertical guide system.

6 models from 11 to 25 daN with an operating radial lift force of 4 bar.

Model External Ø Nominal Load @ 4 bar
PLG080/011 Ø 80 mm 11 daN
PLG080/011 Ø 90 mm 15 daN
PLG100/020 Ø 100 mm 20 daN
PLG110/020 Ø 110 mm 20 daN
PLG100/025 Ø 100 mm 25 daN
PLG110/025 Ø 110 mm 25 daN

Download the PLG series DATA SHEET Download

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