Since 1979, MAGER Air Bearings, has been involved in the design, development, testing and manufacture of aerostatic systems and components for industrial applications.

MAGER Air Bearings therefore provides complete guide and movement solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors:

In particular, aerostatic applications are widely implemented where the following (in order of importance) is required:

  • Highly dynamic movement on maintenance-free guide systems
  • High precision positioning and/or measurement
  • No environmental pollution
  • No noise or vibrations
  • High temperature/radioactivity

Thanks to business booming over the years MAGER Air Bearings acquired an important know-how and thanks to highly qualified staff and modern design, manufacturing and control equipment, it can support its clients through all the manufacturing phases, from definition of specifications to after sales service and assistance. Depending on each customer specific requirements, we can advise the application of our standard products or can develop customised parts and systems.

The range of products based on aerostatic technology developed by MAGER Air Bearings is sub-divided into two macro groups:

  • LINEAR Aerostatic Systems
  • ROTARY Aerostatic Systems

with both standard and customised solutions, the latter developed on customer specifications.

The first group includes:

  • Standard Air Bearings, for high precision and demanding applications
  • Linear Guide Systems, motorised or non-motorised
  • Linear High Dynamic Actuators
  • Metrological Columns
  • Multi-axis Motion Systems

The second group includes:

  • Rotary Tables, with or without a hollow shaft
  • Multi-axis Tables
  • Motorised Rotary Tables
  • Radial and radial/axial Bushings
  • Aerostatic Spindles and Pulleys

Linear and Rotary Systems can however be combined in mixed Multi-axes Systems.

In general, once these products are installed, and despite their advanced technology, they require no support not do they require spare parts management because they are highly reliable solutions.

The product range includes the design and manufacture of specific tools for micro-machining and handling.

For years MAGER Air Bearings has been successfully integrating the most advanced motorisation and positioning transduction technologies into its products (linear encoders, rotary encoders or ring modulators). Particular, high efficiency motion is achieved by combining aerostatics with direct drive motorisation (linear motors and torque motors): MAGER Air Bearings has developed strong skills in this field, proposing itself on the market  as a strategic system integrator, availing of parts from various international manufacturers.

MAGER Air Bearings aims towards continuous products innovation. Most of its development business leads increasingly towards integrated guides and motors, enhancing the efficiency of industrial motion at the highest levels. Furthermore, much of the development activities are carried out through funded research and innovation projects at national and European level. MAGER Air Bearings is particularly active in the “Innovation Poles” promoted by the Region of Piedmont (MESAP, POLIGHT), since we are convinced that synergy among other companies is strategic in the effective innovation of products and technologies. The company collaborates closely in this field with the main regional research institutes (Turin Polytechnic, INRIM, etc.).


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